Anna Gibbs is an artist and professional photographer + videographer  based in Richmond, Virginia. She has a studio practice that currently explores and documents intimate dynamics in her life that work to ultimately help inform her identity formation. Through her work, Gibbs talks about the complications that come with the presence of intimacy between any two individuals: self-to-self; partner-to-partner; parent-to-child; etc. Using photos, letters and artifacts from her family archive to inform her perception of both the past and present, Gibbs explores concepts of motherhood, childhood, envy, mental illness, love, death and control. She also uses daily outdoor photo walks to capture moments in the world as she sees it and inform the development of perception.

Gibbs is also a professional event photographer and videographer, specializing in weddings and parties. She follows the love and the light around the day, capturing moments big and small and creating something magical for the client to cherish and hold on to forever. 

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